# Setup Duo two-factor-authentication

# Preamble

Another well known two-factor-authenticator is Duo. We strongly recommend setting up such a 2-Factor Authentication to protect your account. Please generate a recovery code afterward so you always have a possibility to gain access to your account in case you lose your mobile.

# Pre-requirements

Duo is a little bit more work to setup, as it has the precondition that you register for a Duo Account first on duo.com (opens new window).

During the registration process you are "forced" to download the "Duo Mobile" App, that you can get here for Android (opens new window) or here for Apple (opens new window)

# Setup Guide

First we will now create a new application in the Duo dashboard, and afterward we will configure Psono to use the appropriate "Integration Key" and "Secret Key".

# Setup Duo

  1. Login to Duo.

  2. Go to "Applications" and click "Protect an Application"

Step 2 Protect an Application

  1. Select "Auth API" and click "Protect this Application"

Step 3 Select Auth API

  1. Write down all three parameters (Integration key, secret key and API hostname) from the "Details" section.

Step 4 Select Auth API

  1. Scroll down and specify a "name" and click "Save Changes"

Step 5 Specify name and click save

# Setup Psono

  1. Login into your account:

Step 1 Login

  1. Go to "Account":

Step 2 go to account

  1. Select the “Multifactor Authentication” tab:

Step 3 go to multifactor authentication

  1. Click the "Configure" button next to "Duo":

Step 4 click configure next to Google Authenticator

  1. Click the "New Duo" tab:

Step 5 select new Duo

  1. Type some descriptive title and click generate:

Step 6 add details

  1. Scan the QR Code with your App:

Step 7 scan qr code

  1. Approve the push message on your phone or add a correct Duo code for validation:

Step 8 Validate Duo

Well done, your Duo is now active. We strongly recommend setting up a recovery code in case your phone gets damaged, is lost or stolen.