# Setup Duo two-factor-authentication

# Preamble

Another well known two-factor-authenticator is Duo. We strongly recommend setting up such a 2-Factor Authentication to protect your account. Please generate a recovery code afterwards so you always have a possibility to gain access to your account in case you lose your mobile.

# Pre-requirements

Duo is a little bit more work to setup, as it has the precondition that you register for a Duo Account first on duo.com.

During the registration process you are "forced" to download the "Duo Mobile" App, that you can get here for Android or here for Apple

# Setup Guide

First we will now create a new application in the Duo dashboard, and afterwards we will configure Psono to use the appropriate "Integration Key" and "Secret Key".

# Setup Duo

  1. Login to Duo.

  2. Go to "Applications" and click "Protect an Application"

Step 2 Protect an Application

  1. Select "Auth API" and click "Protect this Application"

Step 3 Select Auth API

  1. Write down all three parameters (Integration key, secret key and API hostname) from the "Details" section.

Step 4 Select Auth API

  1. Scroll down and specify a "name" and click "Save Changes"

Step 5 Specify name and click save

# Setup Psono

  1. Login into your account:

Step 1 Login

  1. Go to "Account":

Step 2 go to account

  1. Select the “Multifactor Authentication” tab:

Step 3 go to multifactor authentication

  1. Click the "Configure" button next to "Duo":

Step 4 click configure next to Google Authenticator

  1. Click the "New Duo" tab:

Step 5 select new Duo

  1. Type some descriptive title and click generate:

Step 6 add details

  1. Scan the QR Code with your App:

Step 7 scan qr code

  1. Approve the push message on your phone or add a correct Duo code for validation:

Step 8 Validate Duo

Well done, your Duo is now active. We strongly recommend setting up a recovery code in case your phone gets damaged, is lost or stolen.