# Setup other S3 compatible storage as file repository

Instructions how to setup another S3 compatible storage like minio as file repository.

# Pre-requirements

You need the connection settings like url, bucket, region, access key id and secret access key.

# Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the general setup in the settings.yaml, before it helps you to configure it in psono.

# General settings

  1. Whitelist file repository type

Whitelist other s3 storage as allowed file repository types by adding other_s3 to ALLOWED_FILE_REPOSITORY_TYPES in the settings.yaml like:

ALLOWED_FILE_REPOSITORY_TYPES: ['azure_blob', 'gcp_cloud_storage', 'aws_s3', 'do_spaces', 'backblaze', 'other_s3']
  1. Restrict URLs

For security purposes you should restrict which URLs will be accessed / used with the file repository e.g.

ALLOWED_OTHER_S3_ENDPOINT_URL_PREFIX: ['https://minio.example.com', 'https://otherminio.whatever.com']

Restart the server afterward. If you were already logged in, you need to logout and login again.

# Configure the file repository

  1. Login to Psono

Step 13 Login to Psono

  1. Go to "Other"

Step 14 Go to other

  1. Go to "File Repositories" and click "Create new file repository"

Step 15 Go to "File Repositories" and click "Create new file repository"

  1. Configure the file repository

Enter a title, select "Other S3 compatible storage" as type and enter the other details for your s3 storage configuration.

Step 16 Configure the file repository

You can now upload files from the datastore to this file repository.