# Usage Psonoci (Beta)

The basic command looks like this:


# General OPTIONS

OPTIONS can either be specified in the command or with environment variables and need to be set in all subcommands (with the exception of help of course). All commands accept the following OPTIONS.

Option Description Environment Variable Required
--api-key-id api key as uuid PSONO_CI_API_KEY_ID yes
--api-secret-key-hex api secret key as 64 byte hex string PSONO_CI_API_SECRET_KEY_HEX yes
--server-url Url of the psono backend server PSONO_CI_SERVER_URL yes
--timeout Connection timeout in seconds [default: 60] PSONO_CI_TIMEOUT no

# General FLAGS

All commands accept the following FLAGS

Option Description
-h, --help Prints help information
-V, --version Prints version information

# Overview Subcommands

Psonoci accepts currently the following subcommands.

Option Description
help Prints the help for a specific command
secret get Used to retrieve a specific secret, identified by its ID.

# Example

psonoci help
psonoci secret get --help

# Subcommand help

Used to print the help for a specific command. It can also be passed in as a FLAG with --help

# Example

psonoci help

# Subcommand secret get

Used to retrieve a specific secret, identified by its ID.

# Arguments:

Option Description
secret-id The secret's uuid, e.g. 25070c66-8950-4264-9b39-11e6d83312e3
secret-value Which secret value to return (json returns all values in a json object). Possible values: json, notes, password, title, url, url_filter, username, gpg_key_email, gpg_key_name, gpg_key_private, gpg_key_public

# Example with environment variables

export PSONO_CI_API_KEY_ID=eaee77c6-169f-4873-9be3-f2613149baa9
export PSONO_CI_API_SECRET_KEY_HEX=c8321d7a8e5b1f5ec3d969ecb5054c7548a1c709ddab2edae2ff7ff028538917
export PSONO_CI_SERVER_URL=https://example.com/server

psonoci secret get 25070c66-8950-4264-9b39-11e6d83312e3 json

# Example without environment variables

psonoci \
    --api-key-id eaee77c6-169f-4873-9be3-f2613149baa9 \
    --api-secret-key-hex c8321d7a8e5b1f5ec3d969ecb5054c7548a1c709ddab2edae2ff7ff028538917 \
    --server-url https://example.com/server \
    secret get 25070c66-8950-4264-9b39-11e6d83312e3 json