# Setup Azure Blob Storage as file repository

Instructions how to setup a Azure Blob Storage container as file repository

# Pre-requirements

You need to have an Azure account. If not, you can register here azure.microsoft.com (opens new window) As a new customer Microsoft will provide you with 200 USD for the first 12 months and a lot of other benefits forever free, e.g. 5 GB of Blob Storage. More details can be found here: azure.microsoft.com/en-us/free/ (opens new window)

Further we assume that you have a resource group (if not create one as described here docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-resource-manager/management/manage-resource-groups-portal (opens new window)) and a storage account (if not create one as described here docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/common/storage-account-create?tabs=azure-portal (opens new window)).

# Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the creation of a bucket, the configuration of the bucket and the creation of a service account, before it helps you to configure it in psono.

# Create container

  1. Login to azure.microsoft.com (opens new window)

  2. Select your storage account

  3. Create container

On the left side select "Container" and then click the "+ Container".

Step 3 Create container

  1. Name container

Name the container and click "Create"

Step 4 Name container


Remember the container name. You will need it later.

# Configure CORS

  1. Click at the left "Resource sharing (CORS)"

And configure CORS like:

Step 5 Configure CORS

The configuration should look like this:

  • Allowed origins: The url of your Psono instance
  • Allowed methods: DELETE, GET, HEAD, OPTIONS, PUT
  • Allowed headers: content-type,cache-control,if-modified-since,pragma,x-ms-*
  • Exposed headers: x-ms-*
  • Max Age: 5 (for testing purposes, you can increase it later)

# Grab access key

  1. Go to "Access keys"

In the menu on the left click on "Access keys".

  1. Click "Show keys"

Step 7 Grab access key


Take a note of the key of key1 (primary key) and the storage account name, you will need it later.

# Configure the file repository

  1. Login to Psono

Step 6 Login to Psono

  1. Go to "Other"

Step 7 Go to other

  1. Go to "File Repositories" and click "Create new file repository"

Step 8 Go to "File Repositories" and click "Create new file repository"

  1. Configure the file repository

Use any descriptive title, select Azure Blob Storage as type, add your account name, primary key and container name.

Step 10 Configure repository

You can now upload files from the datastore to this file repository.