# Adding users

# Preamble

To add a user to a group as a user (to a so-called "unmanaged" group), you must have an account and be logged in with a browser client. You also need "Group Admin" permissions.

# Guide

  1. In the left menu, click on "Groups":

Step 1 Go to Groups

  1. Edit the group:

Click on the pencil icon to edit the group

Step 2 Edit group

  1. Click "On plus symbol" to search a user

If you don't see the user in the list of users, you need to find them on the server. Click the "+" symbol and search for the user.

Step 3 Add user

  1. Select the user and permissions

Select the user to invite the user to the group. Click on the checkboxes to configure the user's permissions for the group.

Step 4 select permissions

  • Group Admin: Allows a user to add and remove users and their permissions from a group
  • Share Admin: Allows a user to share an entry or folder with this group
  1. Click "Save"