# API Key Overview

# Preamble

There are multiple ways to use the API key. Each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. Use the list below to choose the best option for you.

# Overview

In general there are three ways to use the API Key:

a) Session Based

b) Sessionless With Local Decryption

c) Sessionless With Remote Decryption

# Comparison

Session Based Sessionless With Local Decryption Sessionless With Remote Decryption
Usecase Build pipelines / Console client as alternative to web based clients. Implementation in code to dynamically load specific secrets Buildpipelines as proof of concept when the psonoci for some reason is no option
Permission Read & Write of Datastores, Secrets, ... Read of specific Secrets Read of specific Secrets
Implementation Effort medium (with the official client) high low
Simple client support (e.g. curl) No No Yes
Server gets temporary access to decrypted data No No Yes
Necessity to decrypt data locally Yes Yes No
Data Encryption Yes Yes No
Additional Transport Encryption Yes No No


We highly discourage the usage of the sessionless usage with remote decryption.