# Install psonoci (Beta)

Installation instructions for psonoci.

# Preamble

At this point we assume that you already have a Psono server running, ready to accept connections, have it filled with secrets and want to integrate Psono now into your build pipeline to secure your secrets with a second layer of defense. We further assume that you have a restricted API key configured. If not follow the guide to create an API key.

# Installation

psonoci comes in different flavors:

Architecture OS Family Path
x86_64 Linux https://get.psono.com/psono/psono-ci/x86_64-linux/psonoci
ARMv7 Linux https://get.psono.com/psono/psono-ci/armv7-linux/psonoci
AArch64 Linux https://get.psono.com/psono/psono-ci/aarch64-linux/psonoci

Depending on your flavor your can install psonoci like shown here:

curl https://get.psono.com/psono/psono-ci/x86_64-linux/psonoci --output psonoci && chmod +x psonoci