# Getting Started Overview

The Psono password manager consists of two components, a client and a server:

  1. Client

    The client is usually the thing that you "start" to access your data that is stored on a server. It's your main working utility and it comes (currently) in four flavors.

    a) As a web site, that your administrator will setup for you. A demo of the web site can be found on psono.pw

    b) As a Firefox Extension

    c) As a Chrome Extension

    d) As an Android App

  2. Server

    The server is the "core" of the system, doing all the logic, and stores your data. Before you register / login you can point your client to use a different server, but that's the only "interaction" that you have.

Overview of a typical setup


All Secrets (Passwords, Notes, Bookmarks, ...) are encrypted on your PC in your browser, before they are stored on the server.