# Getting Started Overview

The Psono password manager consists of two components, a client and a server:

  1. Client

    The client is usually the thing that you "start" to access your data that is stored on a server. It's your main working utility and it comes (currently) in four flavors.

    a) As a web site, that your administrator will setup for you. A demo of the web site can be found on psono.pw (opens new window)

    b) As a Firefox Extension (opens new window)

    c) As a Chrome Extension (opens new window)

    d) As an Android App (opens new window)

    e) As an iOS App (opens new window)

  2. Server

    The server is the "core" of the system, doing all the logic, and stores your data. Before you register / login you can point your client to use a different server, but that's the only "interaction" that you have.

Overview of a typical setup


All Secrets (Passwords, Notes, Bookmarks, ...) are encrypted on your PC in your browser, before they are stored on the server.