# Features

# Preamble

Before you get into exploring Psono as a potential password manager, you may be wondering if it supports certain features needed to fulfill your requirements. The following table shows what is supported in Psono.

If you are looking more for features for admins, then you can find them here in our Features for Admins

# Features for users

Features Supported Notes
Client Side Encryption Yes All Data is encrypted in your client before it leaves your computer. The server never gets any secrets as plain text.
Multilayer Transport Encryption Yes All traffic between the server and the client is protected by multiple layers of encryption with TLS 1.2 and Salsa20.
Encryption at Rest Yes The data is encrypted by the server before its stored in the database. A full database dump will not even leak your email address.
Server Pinning Yes The first time the client connects to a new server it will ask the user to verify the identity of the server. Every further connection is validated against this fingerprint to prevent spoofing
Autofill Yes Login forms on websites and are automatically filled out. (This option can be disabled for every secret).
Basic Auth handling Yes Basic auth requests are handled automatically. (This option can be disabled for every secret).
Password Syncing Yes Passwords are synced securely across devices.
Password Sharing Yes Passwords can be shared between users and groups encrypted.
Multifactor Authentication Yes Psono supports the use of Yubikey, Duo, WebAuthn and Google Authenticator (or other compatible apps like e.g. Authy).
Open Source Yes Psono is completely open source, granting you the most flexible use and auditability.
Multi Account Support Yes Support for multiple different logins for one website.
Password Generator Yes A configurable random password generator.
Secure Notes Yes Not only passwords but also notes can be saved, synced and shared with Psono.
Bookmarks Yes Also bookmarks can be saved, synced and shared with Psono.
Multi Browser Support Yes Native extensions exist for Firefox, Chrome, Edge and the whole Chrome family. Other browsers can use the webclient.
Password Capture Yes Automatic capture of used passwords on the fly.
Mobile Apps Yes Take your passwords wherever you go with apps for iOS and Android.
Password Export Yes All stored secrets can be easily exported later. No "lock-in" if you later want to leave us.
Password Import Yes Passwords of chrome browser and other password managers can be easily imported.
Copy to Clipboard Yes Username and passwords can be easily copied to clipboard to allow a wider use, e.g. in standalone software.
Groups Yes Groups of users with RBAC
Access Control Yes Granular access control, allowing users to limit rights on shared content
PGP Encryption Yes Encrypt and decrypt PGP messages.
PGP Mailprovider integration Yes Allows to encrypt and decrypt gmail, outlook.com and yahoo mails directly from the respective website.
Offline Mode Yes Access your passwords and other secrets offline.
API Keys Yes Allows integration of passwords in build pipelines or startup scripts.
Callbacks Yes Fire callbacks to specific urls whenever a secret changes in order to trigger automated actions e.g. restart XYZ
Emergency Codes Yes Solving the digital legacy problem in case of emergencies or decease.
Broad language support Yes Psono has been translated in a lot of different languages.
History of secrets Yes Old versions of secrets (e.g. passwords) are stored and are accessible in the history.
File sharing Yes Share files either with on premise fileservers or external storage providers
Easy Integratability Yes Integrate Psono with easily with simple clients (e.g. curl) into your infrastructure
Link shares Yes Share secrets and files via link with others, even if they don't have an account
Password Breach Detection Yes Detects if a password has been part of a known breach
Security Reports Yes They allow you to self audit your password's age, complexity and length
TOTP Yes You can store TOTP secrets in Psono and let it generate the necessary codes.
Credit Card Yes You can store credit cards in Psono.
SSH Keys Yes You can store SSH keys in Psono.


If you are interested in a feature that is not listed, then let us know.