# Update Psono Fileserver

Update guide of the Psono Fileserver

# Preamble

From time to time you want to update to the latest version. If you have a possibility to snapshot your machine, please do so.

# Update with Docker

  1. Update the docker image

    docker pull psono/psono-fileserver:latest
  2. Stop old Psono fileserver

    docker stop psono-fileserver
  3. Start new Psono fileserver

    docker run --name psono-fileserver-new \
        --sysctl net.core.somaxconn=65535 \
        -v /opt/docker/psonofileserver/settings.yaml:/root/.psono_fileserver/settings.yaml \
        -v /opt/psono-shard:/opt/psono-shard \
        -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 10300:80 psono/psono-fileserver:latest
  4. Cleanup

    If everything works you can cleanup your containers with the following commands:

    docker rm psono-fileserver
    docker rename psono-fileserver-new psono-fileserver

If anything fails you should be able to start the old docker container again.