# Email configuration with SendinBlue

# Preamble

The server supports multiple email providers. This guide will explain how to configure the Psono server to use SendinBlue for email delivery.

# Configuration

During the installation of the server you have created a settings.yaml that needs to be adjusted now.

  1. Configure email address

    EMAIL_FROM: '[email protected]'

    All emails that are sent by the server will come from this email address.

    Restart the server afterwards

  2. Add SendinBlue API credentials to setting.yml

    EMAIL_BACKEND: 'anymail.backends.sendinblue.EmailBackend'

    Replace YOUR_SENDINBLUE_API_KEY with the API key that was provided to you by SendinBlue.

    Restart the server afterwards

# Testing

To send a test email to [email protected] execute:

python3 ./psono/manage.py sendtestmail [email protected]

or with docker:

docker run --rm \
  -v /path/to/modified/settings.yaml:/root/.psono_server/settings.yaml \
  -ti psono/psono-server:latest python3 ./psono/manage.py sendtestmail [email protected]

If you receive this test email, then email should be configured proper.

# More Information

Psono is using Anymail under the hood. You can check out the official documentation here: