# Usage

The basic command looks like this:

psonoci [OPTIONS] --api-key-id <api-key-id> --api-secret-key-hex <api-secret-key-hex> --server-url <server-url> <SUBCOMMAND>

All OPTIONS need to be specified either in the command or with environment variables and need to be set in all subcommands.


Option Description Environment Variable Required
--api-key-id api key as uuid PSONO_CI_API_KEY_ID yes
--api-secret-key-hex api secret key as 64 byte hex string PSONO_CI_API_SECRET_KEY_HEX yes
--server-url Url of the psono backend server PSONO_CI_SERVER_URL yes
--timeout Connection timeout in seconds [default: 60] PSONO_CI_TIMEOUT no


Option Description
help Prints the help for a specific command
secret All the commands to work with secrets


Option Description
-h, --help Prints help information
-V, --version Prints version information

# Example with environment variables

export PSONO_CI_API_KEY_ID=eaee77c6-169f-4873-9be3-f2613149baa9
export PSONO_CI_API_SECRET_KEY_HEX=c8321d7a8e5b1f5ec3d969ecb5054c7548a1c709ddab2edae2ff7ff028538917
export PSONO_CI_SERVER_URL=https://example.com/server

psonoci secret get 25070c66-8950-4264-9b39-11e6d83312e3 json

# Example without environment variables

psonoci \
    --api-key-id eaee77c6-169f-4873-9be3-f2613149baa9 \
    --api-secret-key-hex c8321d7a8e5b1f5ec3d969ecb5054c7548a1c709ddab2edae2ff7ff028538917 \
    --server-url https://example.com/server \
    secret get 25070c66-8950-4264-9b39-11e6d83312e3 json