Instructions how to setup a Digital Ocean Spaces bucket as file repository


You need to have a Digital Ocean account. If not, you can register here

Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the creation of a bucket, the configuration of the bucket and the creation of a service account, before it helps you to configure it in psono.

Create bucket

1) Login to

2) At the top right click “Create Spaces”

Step 2 Click Create Spaces

3) Specify space information and click “Create a Space”

Step 3 Specify bucket information

Configure CORS

1) Click on your bucket and go to “Settings”

Step 1 Go to settings

2) In “CORS Configurations” click “Add”

Step 2 Add CORS configurations

and adjust the setting as shown in the screenshot

3) Click “Save Options”

Create access key

1) Go to API and click “Generate New Key”

Step 1 Go to IAM

Configure the file repository

1) Login to Psono

Step 13 Login to Psono

2) Go to “Other”

Step 14 Go to other

3) Go to “File Repositories” and click “Create new file repository”

Step 15 Go to "File Repositories" and click "Create new file repository"

4) Configure the file repository

Use any descriptive title, select Digital Ocean Spaces as type, add your bucket’s name, access key and secret.

Step 16 Configure the file repository

You can now upload files from the datastore to this file repository.

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