How to protect your account with Google Authenticator


The completely free alternative to other 2-Factor Authenticators is the Google Authenticator. We strongly recommend setting up such a 2-Factor Authentication to protect your account. Please generate a recovery code afterwards so you always have a possibility to gain access to your account in case you lose your mobile.

Compatible Apps

The Google Authenticator is an “open standard”, that has been implemented by a couple of different Apps / Vendors. Psono supports all compatible Apps, including the following:

Setup Guide

1) Login into your account:

Step 1 Login

2) Go to “Account”:

Step 2 go to account

3) Select the “Multifactor Authentication” tab:

Step 3 go to multifactor authentication

4) Click the “Configure” button next to Google Authenticator:

Step 4 click configure next to Google Authenticator

5) Click the “New GA” tab:

Step 5 select new Yubikey

6) Type in some descriptive text to identify your Google Authenticators later:

Step 6 some descriptive title

7) Scan the QR Code with your App:

Step 7 scan qr code

8) Enter one valid Google Authenticator code:

Step 8 one valid Google Authenticator code

Well done, your first Google Authenticator is now active. We strongly recommend setting up a recovery code in case your phone gets damaged, is lost or stolen.

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