Configuration of email delivery with SendGrid


The server supports multiple email providers. This guide will explain how to configure the Psono server to use SendGrid for email delivery.


During the installation of the server you have created a settings.yaml that needs to be adjusted now.

  1. Configure email address

    EMAIL_FROM: '[email protected]'

    All emails that are sent by the server will come from this email address.

  2. Add SendGrid API credentials to setting.yml

    EMAIL_BACKEND: 'anymail.backends.sendgrid.EmailBackend'

    Replace YOUR_SENDGRID_API_KEY with the API key that was provided to you by SendGrid.


To send a test email to [email protected] execute:

python3 ./psono/ sendtestmail [email protected]

or with docker:

docker run --rm \
  -v /path/to/modified/settings.yaml:/root/.psono_server/settings.yaml \
  -ti psono/psono-server:latest python3 ./psono/ sendtestmail [email protected]

If you receive this test email, then email should be configured proper.

More Information

Psono is using Anymail under the hood. You can check out the official documentation here:

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