# Update Psono Webclient

Update guide of the Psono Webclient

# Update with Docker

  1. Update the docker image

    docker pull psono/psono-client:latest
  2. Stop old psono-client

    docker stop psono-client
  3. Start new psono-client

    docker run --name psono-client-new \
        -v /opt/docker/psono-client/config.json:/usr/share/nginx/html/config.json \
        -v /opt/docker/psono-client/privacy-policy-content.html:/usr/share/nginx/html/privacy-policy-content.html \
        -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 10101:80 psono/psono-client:latest


    Leave out the line with the privacy policy if you have no own

  4. Cleanup

    If everything works you can cleanup your containers with the following commands:

    docker rm psono-client
    docker rename psono-client-new psono-client

If anything fails you should be able to start the old docker container again.

# Update without Docker

The webclient is a pure html / js website, that can be hosted with any webserver and has zero dependencies.

  1. Download the webclient artifact

    Visit the following url and download the webclient:


  2. Backup htdocs folder

    Before you replace any files you should backup your htdocs folder

  3. Install webclient

    Unpack the webclient into the htdocs folder of your webserver.

  4. Restore config.json

    Copy the old config.json and replace the one in the htdocs folder

  5. (optional) Restore privacy-policy-content.html

    Copy the old privacy-policy-content.html and replace the one in the htdocs folder

  6. Adjust permissions

    chmod -R 644 htdocs

If anything fails you should be able to restore your webclient restoring the files from the backuped folder.