# Install Mobile App

Install instruction for the Psono mobile app for Android.

# Preamble

At this point we assume that you already have a psono server running, ready to accept connections. Mobile apps are a more convenient way to access secrets, yet offer only a limited number of functionality compared to the web client.

# Installation for Android

You can find the the Psono Android App in the Google Play store here:

Psono Android App

# Installation for iOS


We currently have no iOS App.

# Configuration with QR code

The mobile app allows to be configured via QR config.

  1. Create QR Config

    Use any client (a normal web client or a browser extension) to login, and afterwards go to Account -> Overview and click the Show button

    Create the QR Config

    This QR config contains the config.json that the current client is using.

  2. Scan QR Config

    Open the app and click the Scan Config? button at the bottom.

    Scan Config


    If you want to remove the configuration, you can delete and reinstall the app or scan another valid QR config.